Mastering GELFX Nail Color

Master your GELFX application

Dive into this course to master your GELFX Nail Color service! From the perfect application process to troubleshooting common mistakes, you’ll learn everything you need to ensure your client’s GELFX service lasts 2-3 weeks.

  • The Perfect GELFX Client
  • Understanding Your GELFX Lamp
  • primer GELFX pour les bouts des ongles.
  • GELFX Basecoats & Application
  • GELFX Color Application & Troubleshooting
  • GELFX Topcoats & Application
  • Comprendre la phase d'inhibition (collante)
  • Damage-Free GELFX Removal

Products Featured In Course​

  • GELFX Nail Color
  • LED 800FX Lamp
  • GELFX Nail Tip Primer
  • GELFX Basecoat
  • Dry Brush
  • GELFX Topcoat
  • Pro Zebra File
  • GELFX Foil Remover Wraps
  • Genius Remover
  • Pusher & Remover
  • GELFX Buffer

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  • 3 Quiz
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