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    Master Pro Powders

    Master Pro Powder Manicures In this course, you’ll master Pro Powder dip and pour applications using Powder Bond Soak-Off Gel Base. What’s Inisde? The Perfect…
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    Bodyguard Grundlagen

    Master Bodyguard Overlay Application Techniques In this course you’ll master all the different ways to use Bodyguard ! From a natural nail overlay to creating…
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    Wie trägt man Builder In A Bottle auf

    Master 3 Different Builder Application Techniques In this course you’ll master 3 different ways to apply your ORLY Builder In A Bottle enhancements and discover…
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    GELFX Gel meistern

    Master your GELFX application Dive into this course to master your GELFX Nail Color service! From the perfect application process to troubleshooting common mistakes, you’ll…
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    ORLY Nagelvorbereitung meistern

    Enhance your ORLY product wear-time with proper prep! Everything you need to properly prep the natural nail for any ORLY product service. From in-depth cuticle…
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    ORLY Professionellen Lack meistern

    Step up your Lacquer services with ORLY Looking to refine your application technique and see your manicures last longer? Learn all about ORLY Professional lacquer…