Mastering ORLY Nail Prep

Enhance your ORLY product wear-time with proper prep!

Everything you need to properly prep the natural nail for any ORLY product service. From in-depth cuticle care to the importance of removing all trace of oils left on the surface of the natural nail, we cover it all!

  • The Importance of Prep
  • Sanitize with ORLY
  • Shaping the Natural Nail
  • Proper Cuticle Care
  • Buffing the Nail for GELFX
  • The Correct Way to Cleanse

Products Featured In Course

  • ORLY Hand Sanitizer Spray
  • Black Board File
  • Pusher & Remover
  • GELFX Buffer
  • Cutique*
  • Lint-Free Wipes
  • 3-In-1 Cleanser
  • Buffer File Duo
  • Pro Zebra File*

*This product is optional and is featured as an example for specific service needs. See course for more details.

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